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Rest in Peace, GARY MOORE, died at only 58...

Hey folks, some sad news coming up now... GARY MOORE the guitar player of the influential and important Irish Classic Rock band (or, maybe better, the Classic Rock band from Ireland of the name of) THIN LIZZY, that you all should know anyway, died this last past Sunday, the 06. of February 2011 in Spain (at least I do think so) in the hotel 'Spain's Costa Del Sol' (= "Spains Coast of the Sun" or "Spains Suncoast") and the reasons for his death aren't yet cleared. Anyhow, again a great musician, well-known personality and damn brilliant and influential and important guitar player died far too early, and beside the legendary THIN LIZZY he had also a pretty succesful solo career going on. Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1952 he died still much too young at the age of only just 58 years. So, okay, my thoughts go out to his friends and 'related-persons', and to GARY MOORE goes now out a last salute, and a: Rest in Peace!!! A very important and fucking influential band, especially for Heavy Metal and later Hard Rock music, and especially the guitar playing was and still is just awesome as well as the damn charismatic vocals, yes, and also the rhythm work was damn good stuff. Honour and respect, keep THIN LIZZY and GARY MOORE (also his solo works and years had been great soulful Rock music, no doubt about it, just great stuff, and especially the guitar playing was and still is and remains brilliant) in good and honourable memory!!! Thanks for all the great music!!! R.I.P.!!! "THE WORLD WON'T STOP HAVING THE BLUES FOR YOU!!!"

(PS: I used to grow up to bands and music like THIN LIZZY, and for that- beside so mny other diferent things- I will always be thankful to my parents, and so don't ya wonder how this post came to happen and why it's so important to me. Thanks!)

And now some pretty (if not very) old THIN LIZZY (partially) live video clip of/to some of their maybe biggest hits, and also (some live) video solo clips of GARY MOORE (pretty soon, but currently 'Blogspot' is tickin' me off with not loading the videos up in under-an-eternity-per-video-clip and so I'll give the now missing videos to you tomorrow, if all works finally out like it all should... again...) you do now get here for ya, so, here we go:

THIN LIZZY - "THE ROCKER" (live) (Berlin) (1973)


(And yes, this song is the original one by THIN LIZZY, METALLICA just did a cover of it, haha;-)!!!)



GARY MOORE - "OVER THE HILLS & FAR AWAY" (live) (Stockholm) (1987)

GARY MOORE - "OVER THE HILLS & FAR AWAY" (Official Video Clip)

(Yes, the same song as the one directly posted before, but here you now get the official video clip fom back then, and, btw, this is the original one and hell no it's not the NIGHTWISH cover, haha;-)!!!)


(Not any kind of a official clip of this great song, but an inofficially done clip that's just damn great stuff, especially if ya're an well-battled Ego-Shooter veteran like I use to be one;-)!!!)

GARY MOORE - "OUT IN THE FIELDS" (live) (Sheffield) (2008)

(Yes, it's- again- the same song as the one posted directly before this but here it is in a damn cool 'new' live version of this great anthem from 2008, and also so this one is a nice shot to see what GARY MOORE used to still hold in store for all of us out there, hell yeahr, so damn just enjoy it!!!)

Goodbye Gary!!!

April 04., 1952 - February 06., 2011

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